Nuby Bath time Crayons

Over the past few weeks Owen has become obsessed with coloring and drawing.  He has his drawer full of blank paper, pencils and crayons and he will spend quite a long time scribbling on his paper. It’s too cute!  Now he get’s the chance to showcase his inner artist in the tub now too.  Thanks to Nuby’s Bath time Crayons.  He loves these crayons.


I am always leery when it comes to bath time paints and crayons.  Will it stain the tile or the tub? Will it stain my kid? I haven’t had the best of luck in the past with crayons in the tub but these have been great.  The cleanup is super easy and they wipe off with just a washcloth or paper towel.  I forgot to clean the tub the other day after his latest masterpiece and they design sat on the tub and tile for over a day but I had no problem cleaning them.  They wiped right off with a wet washcloth. No staining, no discoloration on my tub.

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So Owen can continue to create wonderful works of art in the tub (and sometimes even on his brother).  They do love coloring on each other. It’s hilarious the designs that Sean will draw on Owen’s back!  The only issue with the crayons that I had is that they tend to fall out of the plastic holders.  They don’t click as easily as I hoped but Owen just took them out of the plastic and now he just colors without them.  So no major issue, but it was a little frustrating at first for him.  But overall, we love these crayons!

Nuby Bath Crayons

  • 3 years +
  • 5 colorful crayons
  • Easy clean, fun colors
  • BPA Free

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