Nuby No Spill Insulated Stainless Steel Flip-It Clik-it Cup {Product Review}

So I have had to accept that my little guy Owen, is no longer a baby.  He is a bike riding, car driving, wall climbing crazy man.  He has grown up so much since he turned two in December. Right now we are in that little phase called the terrible twos.  He is quite the handful but he’s a cute handful. I could probably write a trilogy of books based on this kids 2 years of life.

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Right now we are trying to phase out some of the sippy cups.  He mastered them pretty quickly when he turned one.  Well now I am in the phase of trying to get them off of the sippy cups and into a normal kids cup. But there’s always a transition stage there as well.  This kid is the king of spilling drinks {and I thought that Sean took the top prize in that category}.  Well straw cups were the next thing that I wanted him to master.  He seems to have done pretty well with them but they don’t always travel well or stay cold long enough.  But this Nuby No Spill Insulated Stainless Steel Flip-It Clik-it Cup seems to work well for Owen.  He can easily flip open the lid to drink.  He can even shut it himself so that his drink stays cold for several hours.

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Everyone knows what happens if you misplace a sippy cup in your car for a few hours during the hot summer months.  As a parent to three boys, you learn to never, ever open that cup to see what’s inside.  If you do, you will regret it.  That cup immediately goes into the trash.  Well over the past few months of using this Nuby cup,  I have left it in the car by accident one or two times and I didn’t have to ditch it.  Thankfully I  found it after just a few hours but amazingly the cup wasn’t stinky and the milk was still chilled.  Thank goodness!

We even took it to Ben’s field day last week and his ice water was nice and cold the entire time.  The ice cubes didn’t even melt!

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Insulated Stainless Steel No-Spill™ Flip-it™ 

  • 12 months +
  • 9 oz. / 280 ml
  • Active Sipeez™
  • Clik-it™ – hear the “click” know it’s locked
  • Keeps cool up to 10 hours

The Nuby No Spill Insulated Stainless Steel Flip-It Clik-it Cup comes in several colors and you can find it, along with a series of other insulated stainless steel cups, sippys, and even insulated food containers over at

I also have the insulated food container that comes with a folding spoon. So look out for that review to follow soon!

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