Oops! We Forgot About Summer Reading?


We are now officially in a summer rut. Camps are all done, tempers are flaring and mommy is ready for school to start. Oh and I just realized that we haven’t really kept up {ok we haven’t started} our summer reading yet.

We have been pretty bad with reading this year so I’m hoping that we can catch up over the next 2 1/2 weeks. The boys have been in camp everyday for about 6 weeks so once they got home it was really play time, some tv and ipad time and then bath and bed. It was usually so late and hectic that we ended up skipping a lot of our reading. And what we did read I forgot to write down.

Right now the boys are so out of routine that reading has become a struggle. Sean went to reading camp this summer for about 3 weeks so that should count right???

Well since we need to do approximately 15 hours of reading I am going with the one book/chapter = ipad/tv time. It’s working for Ben. But since Sean struggles with reading he is giving me a really hard time. I don’t know what I’m going to do with him. I feel bad because he struggles and hates it but he just won’t focus for more than three pages. I really have to get him alone to sit and read {impossible with 3 kids}.

The next few weeks will be a struggle but as always I work best under pressure. So wish me luck and send me wine because I’m going to need it.


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