Owen Thomas – 8 Months Old

Only 4 more months of formula! WAHOO {I am typing this as tears stream down my face}. My baby boy is growing up way too quickly. I cannot believe that he is 8 months. 4 more and he is going to be 1. I just can’t even think about that right now or I will be curled up in a ball on the floor crying hysterically. There’s just something about knowing that this is going to be the last of everything. No more babies so I am trying to savor and enjoy every moment with this guy.

IMG_8974    IMG_8982

Seriously, I still think of little Owen like this:

IMG_3938    IMG_3960

oh and this:

Owen fresh 48_16   Owen Newborn14

Photo Credit: Photography by Jen Davis

But now that he is 8 months old, he looks a lot more like this

IMG_8799    IMG_8659

So what has this little man been up to the past few weeks? Well let’s see. He now has two bottom teeth and a few more are trying to come through. He has a few grumpy days when his teeth hurt but other than that he has no issues. The drooling has slowed down a bit thank goodness because he was a soggy mess all day long.


He said his first word a few weeks ago! Thankfully I recorded it!  Of course it was dada.  You know the guy who isn’t getting up with the kid twice a night?! Dads always get the first word! But that’s okay Owen calls me dada all day long so the word really doesn’t connect yet!


He has been doing awesome with his rolling and sitting up. He doesn’t really fall over anymore when he’s sitting — except if he reaches too far for a toy. He hasn’t started crawling yet but I know that it’s coming soon. The past two days he has been getting up on all fours and rocking. Oh he definitely has the backwards scoot down now. I will set him on the floor with his toys to play while I clean or cook and I will look over and the kid is half way across the room. It’s almost time for baby gates and baby proofing! AHHHH I am so not ready for that. I feel like I finally just got all of that stuff put away from Sean and it’s already coming back out. So just a warning if you are coming to my house. I apologize if you have to go through 2 gates, a door knob lock and a toliet lock just to get to the bathroom!

Owen also had his first beach day last weekend.  We drove to Avalon for the day and he enjoyed every minute of it.  It was his first time in the sand and ocean.  It was the first time he ate sand too!  He loved the beach and smiled the entire time!

 IMG_4232    IMG_4244

  IMG_4250     IMG_4251 IMG_4262     IMG_8837IMG_8820

He also had his first taste of ice cream at Springers in Stone Harbor and sat in a high chair for the first time!

IMG_8854    IMG_8859

Then it was off to the park in Avalon for some swing time.  He loved it of course! Seriously this kid is ALWAYS SMILING!!!


So we have had some wonderful times with this kid! He truly is a blessing to our family. I didn’t think that I was going to have a third kid and now I cannot imagine my life without him.  He just warms my heart up each and every day.



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  1. Love the pics! Do you ever find yourself wondering what he’ll look like when he’s 4, then 10, as a teen and beyond? My wife and I did that all the time and boy were we wrong. 🙂

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