My Sweet Little Owen

So let's flashback to just a little over two years ago, say November 2013.  Alright, are you there yet? I was VERY pregnant with Owen {aka every time that I walked I thought a child was going to fall out of my body}.  See, here's the proof:  But … [Continue reading]

Ben’s 8th Birthday Party

My baby is officially 8 years old now. I can't believe it, he may still act 3 some days but other days he acts 45. Ben is one amazing kid. He's doing great is school, scouts and is improving weekly at basketball. He is still obsessed with Minecraft … [Continue reading]

Nuby Bath time Crayons

Over the past few weeks Owen has become obsessed with coloring and drawing.  He has his drawer full of blank paper, pencils and crayons and he will spend quite a long time scribbling on his paper. It's too cute!  Now he get's the chance to showcase … [Continue reading]

Fly Eagles Fly

So if you are friends with me on my regular Facebook page you might have noticed my massive dump of Philadelphia Eagles pictures a few days after Chistmas. If you are not, get ready because they are coming up in this post.   Everyone … [Continue reading]

Merry Christmas!

I wanted to wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmas this year. Thank you for sticking by my side even though I took a bit of a hiatus in 2015. I hope to be back in 2016 with even more crazy posts.  In the meantime take a look at these … [Continue reading]

My Two December Birthday Boys

Like I mentioned in my last post, things have been a bit crazy around here lately.  But in the middle of all the chaos and confusion we did celebrate two very important birthdays.  The first one was my little man Owen.  He is now officially two years … [Continue reading]

Nuby Hippo Bath Spout Cover Review

I'm so excited, I just received a new shipment of goodies from Nuby! The box was filled with a bunch of great items to try with the kids. We have already tried them all but today I'm going to start with a favorite. When I show the boys the items … [Continue reading]

Life: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly….

The main reason that I started writing my blog was to share all of the fun and crazy times that we have with the kids. I wanted to share with my friends and family all of our silly pictures and stories since they aren't aren't always here to … [Continue reading]

Jen’s Wreaths — Fresh Christmas Wreaths

It's time to talk Christmas people. Yes, I said Christmas! It's right around the corner. Thanksgiving is done, my house is 95% decorated and I just got into the full swing of shopping. I love decorating for Christmas. It just makes the house feel so … [Continue reading]

Kwik Stix Paint Sticks Review & Giveaway

Painting is one of the things that my kids ask to do but I almost always try to come up with some excuse to get out of it. "Oh we don't have time, we need to finish homework and baths", "Ummmm, mommy just cleaned today, can we please paint another … [Continue reading]