Rides, Games and Tears

Here we are back at Monday again.  The day that I dread.  I am exhausted from the weekend and a late night plus Ben starts a week of Kindergarten camp today.  He did okay at drop off.  He just told me once that he didn’t want to stay at camp long and that he was really going to miss me.  But I think that he is going to have a blast {and he’s going to be exhausted}.  But I am glad that I signed him up for full day camp since his school day goes well past 3pm.  He will need to get used to the long days.

Sean on the other hand has been such a handful lately.  He is back to destroying everything in my house.  Last week he ripped the curtains off our wall in our dining room.  I could kill the kid!  Then today he flushed one of those paper bathroom cups down his toliet.  I haven’t gone up there yet to work on that one.  I am hoping that the plunger does the trick or he is paying for the plumber out of his college fund.

There’s so much to do around the house right now.  I need walls repaired, paint work, plumbing work, a hose down and some other miscellaneous projects!  The exterminator comes tomorrow to help us with the ant problem!  I hope that they can get rid of those little buggers because I am sick of seeing them.

It’s been such an exhausting day and it’s only 1pm.  AHHHHHH


Oops it’s now after 4pm and I am finally getting this post finished.  I had to run out and get Ben from camp!  He said that he had a lot of fun and is looking forward to going back again tomorrow! SUCCESS!!!!!  He was a sweaty mess.

This past weekend we headed down to Delaware to visit with all of the grandparents!  The first stop on Friday night was my mom’s house.  We ended up getting there pretty late so the kids went to bed after a little bit of play time.  The next morning they were up bright and early so we threw them in the pool for a little bit.   Then it was time to head downstate to visit with Joey’s parents.  We spent the day at the house and then Sunday we went into Rehoboth for some games, rides, ice cream and of course Dogfish!

The boys were actually pretty well behaved at lunch! It was amazing.

photo 2 photo 1 (7)

After lunch it was off to the rides and games! The boys love these rides. I was starting to get a little sad when I saw that Ben has almost outgrown some of them. Then I remembered that I have a new baby coming and another couple of years left in Funland. I mean you can’t beat it. The tickets are so cheap, the rides are too cute and I remember riding the same ones when I was a kid.
photo 4 photo 5

Here are some pictures from Ben’s tantrum because he didn’t win the Despicable Me minion in the claw game behind him. It was a pretty impressive meltdown. Screaming, kicking, scratching and tons of tears. He finally stopped when I threw him on the tea cups and he couldn’t stop laughing.

photo 3 (1)  photo 2 (1)

photo 5 (1) photo 4 (1)

photo 3

Sean’s awesome Skee-Ball score! Not bad for a 3 year old!  He beat some of the adults playing next to us.

photo (1)

It was a pretty awesome day!  We topped it off with ice cream before we had to head back to Milton and pack up and say our goodbyes! We then stopped off at my mom’s house for some dinner and then drove back to New Jersey to face the week!

Alright guys, I’m off to go deal with Sean.  I can’t type for long or he will break something else in my house.  I don’t know what I am going to do when I have three boys destroying things????

I hope you all have a great week! I will be back tomorrow with a mini baby update. Oh and if you could please click on the Top Mommy Blogs icon below to vote for my blog I would greatly appreciate it. I have almost cracked the Top 100. Every vote counts. All you need to do is click on the icon and when the page loads, you are done! Thanks!


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  1. Glad the teacups saved the day and I hear you on today being a typical busy Monday. I have Kevin home, so not only was I trying to keep up with work and such, but do something fun with the family. We took the girls to see Smurfs 2. They loved it, but now just trying my best to catch up again! Here is to a quieter evening now!

    • I hope that you had a nice and quiet evening!!!! My hubby and I tried to organize a few things around the house. We have so much to do around the house and not enough time to do it {since he travels to NYC everyday he’s never home}. I have to get the boys to theatre to see Smurfs 2 but I am guessing Planes will come first!

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