Seizure Action Plan

I still can’t believe that the above phrase is now a major part of my back to school supply list!

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I never really admitted it to myself but Ben has epilepsy.  I always just told myself that he had a few seizures and that was it.  Yes, he was on medicine and went to the neurologist for sleep studies, EKGs, etc. But I never wanted to say that he had epilepsy.  His first two seizures happened at pre-school a few years ago and I never witnessed one. I guess that’s why it was easier for me to deny the term epilepsy.  Then he gave me a huge scare early on in the summer after he came home one day from basketball camp. I witnessed my very first seizure.  Thank goodness my mom was there or I probably would have lost it.  It was fast but it was scary.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.

After his appointment at CHOP, the doctor decided to up his medicine.  We think that he probably outgrew his old dosage.  But she told Joey that to expect more and pray that he outgrows it after puberty.  But as Joey and I were talking about this all one night, he really just looked at me and said “Erin, Ben has epilepsy”.  I  never said it before.  Saying it out loud means that it must be true.  I never used to say that I had skin cancer either. I just said “oh I had moles removed”. But when those moles are melanoma and basal cells, you have to just one day throw in the towel and call it what it is… skin cancer. It’s weird that once you put a name to something it’s real.

My son has epilepsy….

And we are all OK.  It’s going to be fine.  I thank God everyday that it’s not severe, it seems to be pretty minor but it’s still scary. There are some nights that I lay in bed until 3 am worrying that he might have a seizure on the playground and hurt himself. I worry what will happen but I know that I can’t control them, I can only control how I react to them. I pray to God that I never witness another one again.  But deep down I know that I probably will.  I am also thankful that I have a strong husband that can handle the doctors appointments, the overnight sleep studies, and the ever so wonderful blood work!  Without him I would be a mess.

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Since we did increase his medicine, everything has been calm.  Well as calm as it can be with three loud and crazy boys! But it’s calm!

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Photo Credit: Photography by Jen Davis

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