Silly McGilly

“Top of the morning to you, the name is McGilly!”


It’s getting close to St. Patrick’s Day! Are you ready?

Now is the perfect time to start planning and here’s a great little gift for you! Silly McGilly.  I thought now would be a great time to repost the article that I wrote a few months ago about Silly McGilly. I have to pull out our Silly McGilly for the kids this week. I know that they will be excited to see him again!


So who is Silly McGilly? Well he is just one of the cutest little leprechauns around. Silly loves enjoys playing tricks on children throughout the St. Patrick’s Day season.

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How does it work? Well just read his story with your children, then place Silly by the window each night. The real Silly will come play a trick in your home (or classroom). The next morning your kids will enjoy seeing the tricks that Silly did while they were sleeping. Silly can make an appearance for just one night, a week or the entire St. Patrick’s Day season! You decide.

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Now the kids saw the Silly McGilly book and doll the other night so of course we read it right away. Ben was so excited to put Silly in his window. The next morning he woke up and noticed that Silly messed up all of his stuffed animals! Every night he asks about Silly. He is still in our window! Tomorrow the boys will wake up to a new trick! I don’t know if I will be able to put him away until St. Patrick’s Day. Ben might not want to give him up.

So would you want your own Silly McGilly box set? Head on over to to purchase your own book and doll today! Plus while you are there check out all of the sample tricks and activities that you can do with your children!

I am writing this post as a personal product review. I did not receive compensation for this review but I did receive a sample product. All of the opinions stated above are my own.


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