Summer of Fun

So I have been away from the blog most of the summer. I promised myself that I was going to blog 3 times a week this summer…. yeah that didn’t happen. I have been so busy trying to keep the boys entertained that I am usually worn out at night to sit down and write. I’ve been opting for a glass (or 3) of wine, Big Brother 16 and my bed!!! But we have been having a great time this year. At the beginning of summer I told the boys that we were going to have a summer of fun! I am trying my best to deliver that to them. It hasn’t been easy and they are still crazy, wild boys but I think that they are having a fun summer.


So what have these boys been up too lately? We started off the summer with two weeks of swim lessons for both boys. It was amazing to see how much they learned in two short weeks. Before they started they wouldn’t get their heads wet and needed to use their swimmies. Now they are jumping off the side and spending hours and hours jumping under the water. I am so happy! Money well spent.

IMG_8622   IMG_8296

Ben also had two great weeks at CCD Camp. He loved it and I’m so glad that our church offers it as a camp instead of having to go every Wednesday night during the school year. It really was a great camp.

After he was done with his two weeks at CCD he started Basketball camp. He was so excited to go. He really only knew one or two other people but he wasn’t shy and seemed to have a blast everyday. It was pretty hot and then spent a lot of time outside but he never complained to me at all.



He may not be the strongest athlete but he is determined to get it and boy does he have fun trying. Now the first day of bball camp brought us a scare. Ben came home and had a seizure. It was the first one that I had ever witnessed. It was quick and it was scary. Joey took him to his neurologist last week and we increased his medicine and now we just pray that any future ones (and it seems like there will be more) are not too bad.

The next week we shipped Sean off to Kindergarten Camp at the High School. I signed him up for 3 weeks this summer. Ben LOVED it last year and I knew Sean would too. He goes for a full day from 9-3pm. Each week is a theme {i.e. insects, sports} and they spend the week reading, drawing and doing projects around those themes. They also have show and tell and sometimes water table fun!

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After Ben wrapped up basketball camp he started his Rec Camp. Rec camp is pretty cool. It’s all day from 9-4pm. They have magicians, they take them to the pool and they do field trips. His first field trip was to the Camden Aquarium. I was so nervous putting him on a bus and sending him to Camden but he did great! He had a blast and I know that I was worried over nothing but it was his first official field trip!


Rec Camp is six weeks but I only signed him up for 2 weeks. Next year he will definitely do all six weeks. It’s such a great program and he gets to hang out with some of his school friends that he normally wouldn’t see over the summer.

When Rec Camp finishes this week then Ben is done with camps for the rest of the summer. Next week he will go down to my in-laws for some fun. Then two weeks home with me {Sean will be in Kindergarten camp during one of those weeks}. After that we have a nice family vacation planned! We are still booking a few things but it’s going to be fun!

Oh and besides all of the camps we have also entertained a ton of friends from near and far! We have gone bowling, hit up the toy store, played a ton of baseball basketball out back. We went to the carnival, swam with friends, went to mom mom’s pool and ate a ton of ice cream and popsicles.

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IMG_8230   IMG_8799

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Oh I almost forgot that Sean had a HUGE accomplishment this summer. He is turning 5 in a few short weeks and was so happy that he is now riding his bike without training wheels. The kid taught himself! He spent a day or two outside in the back yard practicing until he figured it out. Then after a few days of us helping him get on he did that all on his own too! The kid has such determination! I just know that Ben will pick it up soon!

Finally, just this past weekend we went to the beach for the first time this season. It was Owen’s first trip ever! He had a blast!

Owen is turning 8 months in a few days so I will try and do a fun post all about this handsome guy {aka the happiest baby in the world}.


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So I think that the boys have had a great summer so far! I look forward to the last month before school starts! I’m already done all of my back to school shopping!!! Now I just have to wait and see which school Sean gets assigned too…..

I hope that you are all having a wonderful summer!



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