Time for my MOHS

So today is the day I had my MOHS surgery. Now if you know anything about me at all you know that I cannot stand blood & guts. I am not a fan of any type of doctor, surgery, blood, needles, etc. I hate it all. I used to pass out whenever I saw blood – I’m getting better but I still get queasy. How did I ever have 2 csections (oh drugs that’s right).  Well Joey drove me over to my dermatologist this morning for my surgery. It really is a minor surgery but it can take a few hours depending on how deep they need to go. Today I lucked out.  I went back and they took off the first layer on my forehead (by my hairline). I went to the waiting room and within 5 minutes the testing was done and they had to take off some more. Back to the chair I go after about another 5 minutes it’s back to the waiting room.  Again after a few moments they told me they got it all so it was back to the chair for stitches! It was the quickest MOHS ever. I mean seriously I wasn’t even there a full hour! If it wasn’t skin cancer surgery on my forehead I would say that was an awesome visit….. 
I have a handful of stitches in my head but the good news is my Dr. said that you will barely notice the scar at all after a few months! Let’s hope so.  I love this doctor too. He was very accomodating and understood I HATE SURGERY!!!!!  We chatted about our kids and within moments it was all over! He is the type of doctor that gives you his home & cell number!! You don’t find too many of those doctors anymore!!!

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