We Need Space

We have lived in our townhouse for a little over four years now and everyday I feel like it gets smaller and smaller. It’s a nice sized house but we have a lot of stuff and I feel so crowded. Maybe it’s because I spend all day, every day inside of it and just feel like the walls are closing in on me but that’s another topic of discussion.

About 2 1/2 years ago, Joey and I decided to sell our townhouse. We had only moved in 18 months prior but we were already bursting at the seams.  When we moved in we only had Ben but then Sean (and all of his baby gear and toys) arrived shortly after.  The house was just becoming way too crowded. I loved our house, it is a gorgeous 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath townhouse but we were still cramped.

We did our research, hired a realtor and listed the house. Once we found a gorgeous house that we loved, we put in an offer right away. But we didn’t get that house and quickly realized that the market had nothing else for us at that time.  Out of the 20 homes that we looked at none of them appealed to us and it just wasn’t worth moving from our gorgeous neighborhood into something we weren’t in love with.  So we took our house off of the market and decided to stay put.

Now we were still faced with the issue of overcrowding at our current place. I tried putting the boys in the same bedroom so we would have a toy room and/or a spare bedroom but that lasted for about a week.  Back to square one! Finally after some discussion we thought that we could finish the basement! A few months later, we signed a contract with CLJ Home Improvements to get the job done.  They came highly recommended and have probably finished 3/4 of the basements in our neighborhood.

After a few shorts months (and many, many discussions on the final layout) we finally had our new basement.  I know we would have liked to do a lot more down there (i.e, a powder room and a bar) but I still think it turned out beautiful.


Mom & Dad’s Side

The Kids Side

Here are some pics of the finished basement before we filled it up with our stuff. 

Kids Play Room

Mommy’s TV/UD Side

Daddy’s Bar Side

The kids side is filled up with toys, basketball nets, play kitchens, etc. The adult side is sort of split into two – his and hers! Joey’s side has a beer fridge and all of his beer signs, tap handles, etc. My side is filled up with University of Delaware memorabilia (most of which I stole from my father’s collection). See I told you I loved UD football.

 My UD side of the basement

Joey’s Beer Side

The basement added approximately 600 more square feet to our house (which is larger than one of our NYC apartments). Now the kids finally had a place to play, I mean we did give them over half of the space in the basement for their toys. But do you think that’s where they play? Of course not.  I finally thought that I had my family room back. I made it my cute little TV room. But guess where the kids toys all end up? Yup, you guessed it.  IN MY SPACE! I have to force them some days to go downstairs and play.

Here’s where I like to relax!

So for now the basement has allowed us some much needed extra space! But I still feel cramped. Is it ever enough? If you keep getting bigger homes, do you just fill it up with more things until you are crowded again?

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