Welcome Owen!

I have been trying to write this post for about 2 weeks now.  It has taken me forever but that’s what happens when you have 3 boys under the age of 6 at home!  It’s been a long and crazy 2 weeks and we are struggling to adjust (I’m not going to sugar coat it, it’s been tough) but we are surviving and we keep on chugging along!  So finally, here is my birth story.

Well guys he is here! FINALLY. After months and months of anticipation and prayers and a ton of late night bathroom breaks he finally made his way into this world! And in a BIG weigh (yes I spelled it that way for a reason).

On Monday December 2nd at 8:38am we welcomed Owen Thomas into this scary, exciting and wonderful world!

He weighed in at 10lbs 4ozs and was 21″ long. Yes, you read that correctly. This 5 foot mommy had a 10lb baby. No wonder I couldn’t walk right and was in so much freaking pain the last 3 months.

Owen’s Birth Story

Joey and I went in to the hospital bright and early on Monday morning for my scheduled c-section. I was a nervous wreck but I was actually much calmer than when I delivered Sean. Here are my very last pictures as a pregnant mommy!
image  IMG_2870
The hospital was wonderful and everything ran right on time!  I went back to the operating room right at 8am. Within moments I had my spinal and was laying down on the table waiting for Joey to come in. And within minutes (and lots of crying & tears) they pulled him out! It took a second or two but then I heard the familiar sound of a baby crying. Heaven! It was such a beautiful sound. All of the nurses kept saying he was a big one. Now I knew that I was having a large baby but not that large. I mean my other boys were 9lbs 8oz and 9lbs 2oz and I was large again with this guy. I don’t know why I thought that he was going to be much smaller than Ben. But he proved me wrong. I am still in shock from the moment that they told me he was well over 10lbs! My little chunky monkey weighed in at 10lbs 4ozs. He was 21″ long. It’s amazing all three of my boys were 21″. It’s a lucky number now.  

This was my very first time that I had a chance to do the skin to skin with any of my boys. Usually they whisk them away so quickly. Not this time. I got to hold my Owen as soon as they cleared his lungs. It was a wonderful few moments with just the three of us. And he was perfect. No cone head, no marks, no freckles. It was amazing. The very first thing that Joey and I noticed was that he looked just like Ben did when he was born.

IMG_2926 IMG_2995
I was finally wheeled back into recovery after what seemed like forever of getting stitched up.  Once in recovery my mom was able to come in and visit. It was a nice calm and quiet two hours. Owen got his bath and I just sat there amazed that it (the csection surgery) was all done and I had another beautiful boy.
Joey and I then began sharing the news with our closest friends and family.  Another great moment and fun memory. Joey’s parents rushed over after they picked up Sean from school. They have been wonderful helping with the boys all week. They were all excited to get their first peek of baby Owen.
Sean came into the room very excited but quickly turned shy. But after a few minutes he warmed up to Owen and was so excited to check him out. Sean was very calm and gentle with him. It was amazing.
After about an hour or so Joey, Sean and his parents left so they could go and get Ben off the bus. Joey then brought Ben back to the hospital. Ben was so excited to see Owen. He cracked me up when he heard the name and said “that’s the name that I was thinking of today at school”.  He loved meeting him but was quickly distracted by his Star Wars toys. Then 10 minutes later he came back over to Owen and said that he couldn’t stop thinking of him. Ben was a little too hyper and starting to get rough but he tried to help daddy with Owen’s bottle.
Overall the boys had a great first meeting with Owen. I think they are as much in love as we are.  I am still on shock over everything. I have three boys. Three!!
After Ben left with my mom it was time to settle in for the night. There was a lot going on the first night so I never got a chance to sleep. Because of Owen’s size they needed to do a little blood prick test to see his sugar levels. If he had two readings over 50 he was good to go. But of course my big would get a 55 the first time then 45 the second. This went on all day and all night. Finally after we increased his feeding by 6am (almost 24 hours later) he had two good readings. It was a relief.  So all night we did a feeding, diaper, prick and them had to start over again. Plus I was getting my vitals, incision checked, and other stuff done non stop. It was a long night but we survived.  The nurse also made me get out of bed and into a chair for 10 minutes.  Joey stayed with me every night to help when I needed him.
By 7am the next morning things were back into full swing. The sun was up, I was texting home to see how the big brothers were doing and the doctors were coming in for their rounds!  By mid morning my IV was done, my catheter was out and I was allowed to get up and start moving. Csection recovery is not easy.  You have a very major surgery and then you are forced to move and get up and oh yeah here’s a 1 day old baby that you need to care for.  Now I wouldn’t change any of my deliveries because I did need csections for all three but it is very hard for me to recover. I hate that I can’t just get up when he cries. I can’t move around to change the diaper or get his bottle. I do miss out a lot the first week. But thankfully Joey is here and just loves his snuggle time with him (he doesn’t like the 3am wakeup times so much) but once he’s awake Joey just adores him! It’s sweet. I have had to ask him a few times to pass the baby over to me. He can be a little bit of a baby hog. But I’m not complaining! I’m glad that they have their moments together bonding.

Wednesday was another busy one. My mom headed home but my inlaws will be here a few more days to help out with the boys. Thank goodness for wonderful family members! It’s been a great help do I can have Joey here with me and Owen. My sister came to to meet Owen on Wednesday.  Plus she got the lucky job of helping me shower and get dressed in some real clothes!!  Lucky her! Oh and of course Owen peed and pooped all over her. It was quite amusing.


My good friend Jen also came to visit us on Wednesday.  Jen is also Owen’s godmother. We have known each other for about 5 years now and she got a chance to squeeze her godson. She even changed his stinky diaper for me! What a trooper. Oh and you may remember Jen from some of my previous posts. She is an awesome photographer (Photography by Jen Davis). She snapped off some gorgeous pictures of Owen. You can check some of them out over at her website. Just click here! But stay tuned. I hope to get a post up this week of all her gorgeous photos that she took of Owen and the boys!

After Jen left Joey arrived with his dad and Ben. So we finally had all 3 boys together in one room. The boys weren’t as interested in Owen tonight. Joeys dad got his snuggle time in with the little guy while the boys entertained themselves with my dinner tray and computers. As you can see by this picture they were so happy to see Owen!


After a nice visit everyone left to go back home while Owen and I had some one on one time. I was feeling good from my meds and was able to change him  and cuddle until Joey got back later that night.


Overall, things did go pretty well.  Of all three of my csections, this one was probably the least dramatic (for me and my anxiety).  Despite my painful recovery everyone is doing beautifully.  The hospital and staff were awesome. The food was pretty good and did I mention that everyday at 3pm the ice cream cart makes its rounds. Yummy hand dipped ice cream. Such a wonderful afternoon treat.


So there’s Owen’s birth story.  It’s been a crazy 2 weeks and I really hope to get some new posts up soon.  I have some topics I wanted to discuss about csections, not breastfeeding and other fun stuff.  Oh and I definitely want to share with you all my gorgeous photos of Owen!!  So check back in.  I know that I have been missing in action on here the last few months but I am trying to get back into the swing of things again! 
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  1. Huge congrats again Erin and Owen is adorable!! 🙂

  2. Yeah! Welcome to the world Owen. You have a wonderful family!


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