What’s Cooking Robbinsville?

So I got a little bored yesterday thinking of food ideas and decided that I needed to reach out to my friends and family. I was tired of the same Pinterest recipes and thought that some of the best recipes have to be with my friends, neighbors and family (near and far).  So I decided to create a Facebook Group called What’s Cooking Robbinsville? Now, you don’t have to be from Robbinsville to submit recipes or to grab some for yourself! Share this with all of your friends and neighbors.  The more recipes that we add, the better our spouses and kids will love us.

On my blog I will be updating the What’s Up Robbinsville? tab as often as I can. Right now I started my drop downs of themes.  The only link with recipes so far is under the Chicken Recipes link.


If you submit something to the Facebook group, I might ask you if I can add your recipe to my blog.   My first event is live now over on the Facebook Page “Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner“.  Stop on over tonight and submit your own chicken recipes!

Happy Cooking!

PS – If anyone has a picture that I could use for the What’s Cooking Robbinsville? Facebook page let me know. The picture that I posted was from an Oktoberfest party that we hosted several years ago! Thanks!


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