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So besides baby updates and a few other miscellaneous posts I haven’t really written a blog post in AGES!! Sorry about that but the whole having three kids thing is taking up a lot of my time.

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My days have been filled with a lot of crazy lately.  Here are just a few things that I could unscramble out of my mommy brain and put into words.


  • The two and a half hours in the morning that I am alone with all three boys is pure torture. I am secretly plotting my first glass of wine for the day.  But I don’t think that the phrase “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” applies to 5am
  • I wonder when I will be brave enough to go somewhere with all three of them by myself.  Maybe when they can drive me?
  • Colic sucks.  I was okay with it when it was from 9-10pm every night.  Then it was from 7-10pm and now it starts around 4-5pm and doesn’t end until about 10pm.  I know it’s mainly because he is exhausted but he refuses to sleep. I will rock him, feed him, change him, bounce him, drive him around in the car, etc.  Nothing will get him to sleep.
  • Breaking up a fight between a 4 year old and a 6 year old is really hard.  Especially when you are propping a bottle under your chin and holding the 6 week old while dragging the four year old to the time out step.  Oh and the 6 year old is trying to pull my pants down.
  • Is it wrong to bring wine to the bus stop at 4pm?
  • I am ready to do my throat lozenges commercial {just like Martha Stewarts} but I will endorse another brand of lozenges.  I yell so much that my throat is sore each and every day.
  • Three hours every night to get two boys to bed is just WRONG.  Do you hear me Ben and Sean — it’s WRONG.  No, you don’t need another glass of water, no I will not read another book, no I will not snuggle you for another 1/2 hour, no there are no monsters coming to get you.  JUST GO TO SLEEP NOW.
  • There isn’t enough coke zero in New Jersey to keep me wide awake at 2pm every day.
  • Sean goes to extended day at his school on Mondays and Wednesday.  Why God oh WHY don’t they offer this 5 days a week.  Two days is not enough!!!
  • I read this in another blog post this week – all wipe containers should have a warning as to when you are nearing the last wipe.  Every time I am cleaning up a massive diaper I run out of wipes.  The last 10 wipes should be a different color to warn parents that you are close to the end. They do it with tissues, so why not wipes!
  • How can a 4 year old boy who has been up since 5:30am still have so much energy at 9pm?
  • Seriously wine in a tervis at the bus stop should be okay, right? {oh did I ask that already?}
  • It’s taken me four days to write this post.  While typing this over the four days I have broken up 27 fist/foot fights, dragged a 4 year old to time out 19 times.
  • THANK GOD for friends!  Thank you ladies for letting me vent to  you over breakfast or at school drop off or via text. You know who you are!!!!


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  1. Oh man, my heart totally goes out to you and seriously I will admit that I do not miss colic and I only had one when my baby did have the worst case of colic, which started at 11 pm and last until the wee hours of the morning. I do promise it will pass, but I know when you are going through it seems like it will never end and remember that feeling so well. Thinking of you and sending a ton of hugs your way 🙂

  2. It will get easier. Ours are 8, 6, and 4 years, but the fighting is enough to drive you crazy. I don’t know, if that’s just what kids do or how to stop it at this point. separating them seems to works best. Best of Luck!!! Love your blog! ~Jenny

    • I just need a bigger house Jen! LOL. The older two are so afraid of being alone but they fight nonstop when they are together! UGH!!!! I keep waking up each day praying it’s just a little easier!! Just one less fight!

  3. It’s so nice to vent. As moms we have to have a place to throw our frustrations out and most moms completely understand. I give it to ya for having three boys and you can still put sentences together..haha.

    P.S. this may sound strange but my son had colic and a vacuum calmed him down right away…not sure why but I heard it somewhere and tried it…worked like a charm! I was desperate 😉

    • Thanks Jamie! I have used the vacuum a few times and it’s worked about 1/2 the time. I also have started putting him in his carseat and driving him around. He will sleep in that thing after a car ride for a few hours!!! It’s just hard to do that at dinner/bath/homework time!!! I guess that’s why god invented grapes so we could make wine! LOL

  4. ABSOLUTELY, wine at the bus stop is ok! Love your blog.

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